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Miles River Kennel, Founder of Von BarrenBerg East German Shepherds , Massachusetts

 Fall litters, First Holiday Litter has arrived, Maxx von BarrenBerg x Greta von BarrenBerg !!

 contact Linda for availability  txt 978-500-5150, email -

Greta x pups !




Next litter due on Thanksgiving,  Harley x Elvis von BarrenBerg


3rd litter due Nov 27,   Wilson  x Hannibal von Barrenberg

click here to play video of Greta's pups sleeping

  Harley pups shown here doing bitework, live with young children ! In training for family protection

click here to download file of Harley's pedigree

click here to download file of Harley's mother, Fregi Canislog's pedigree

click here to download file of Harley's mother Fregi's pedigree

COOPER son of Remi x Harley feb liter 2014
LEXI x COOPER daughter of Remi x Harley


E-mail  Linda for info


Email Linda for availability in litters   mrkennelddrdogs@aol,com

east german breeders1213121030.jpg
BILLY father of WILSON

Luna von BarrenBerg, mother of Wilson
Luna nursing previous litter

E-mail  Linda for info 


Billy is new east german shepherd stud addition to breeding program ! He is out of Mesa von der Haus Gill & Kane von Barren Berg

Billy von Barren Berg
Oil Tank with his little brother Z (halloween)
east german shepherd longcoat
Annies uncle !!!

click here to play video of Luna with last litter

click here to play video of Emma & Elka

german shepherd dog
Kane von BarrenBerg

east german shepherd dogs
Kane , Billy's father
german shepherd training
Kane playing in snow !

8 week black-tan male, steeling stuffed toys!!

Dennie is Kane's grandmother
solid black german shepherds
The late "Dennie von BarrenBerg"

Gizmo von Barren Berg
AKCregistered german shepherd puppies
mother of Matti - Bonnie and Beaulah

germanshepherd female
Bonnie von Barren Berg

Beaulah mother of Annie

Contact Linda for info on 27 year old,  2 week inkennel training school, for all breeds, Great start for youngsters 5 months and up !!!!!


Billy von BarrenBerg
IMG0443.JPGBillyeast german shepherd stud1.jpg

Beaulah pups with visitors !
Beaulah x Remington pups call for availability


Fregi - Remi pups Calli and Kodi owned by Abramo family.

eastgermansheperd puppy
Linda with nice sable pup

Check out pictures of past pups in our
Photo Gallery link below.

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If you purchase a new pup from Cathy, please ask for a free sample of NuVet Plus!





What we expect of prospective puppy buyers:

1. Must crate train!

2. Must socialize away from the home, lot's of socialization!

3. Must train, lot's of training!

4. Teach good manners in and out of the home.

5. Teach children to respect the pup and visa-versa.

6. Provide proper housing, nutrition, grooming & vaccinations.

7. Provide daily exercise and mental stimulation.

8. Must supervise the pup at all times and be in control.

9. You and your family must be the pack leaders.

10. Lot's of love, but please don't treat them like a child in a fur coat.

Things to have ready for your new pup:

1. Dog Crate, we perfer the Vari-Kennels X-large size (pups should be in a smaller one for the first few months), also gates are a good to have.

2. Good quality dog food, food & water bowls (non tip are good) Cathy feeds her dogs & pups Drs. Foster & Smith dog food.

3. Safe toys for playing and chewing.

4. Line up a veteranarian and make an appointment.

5. Line up a dog trainer and sign up for puppy classes (age appropriate)

6. Make a list of places ( clean & safe) to take your pup to socialize.

7. Collar & leash (leather perfered), grooming supplies, training equipment.

8. Don't forget to order NuVet Plus supplements

9. Soft yummy treats for rewarding.

10. An outdoor kennel (6'high) with dog house, or fenced yard is a plus.

Planned Breedings
  New breeding - Billy x Annie due mid Jan. ! expecting bl & tan, dark sables, & solid blacks ! 
Billy x Luna repeat & last breeding of this pair planned to breed January 2013 !

NOTE: All planned breedings are not guaranteed successful.


Remington von BarrenBerg

 " Remi "   has made outstanding pups this year !  Come visit and see for yourself  

Dexter - Remi Matti son owned by Settino family
Bella Gunther grand-daughter puppy owned by Lacomini family

Wisdom DDR
Linda's DDR driving pony !!!!