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In Loving Memory
Tula von Barren Berg
 Tula is the daughter of Elsa von
Barren Berg & Quax vom Parchimer Land, granddaughter of Bonnie vonder Seeraubertal & Ilk V Tiekerhook. Tula turned 12 years old on 11/14/08.  She has produced some very nice pups, including Jada von Barren Berg! She was a faithful companion full of love. We will miss her dearly.


In Loving Memory

Drago von Birken Wald is a nice solid black East German (1/8 west) male. Drago is out of Rambo Bruce Lee von Olympia & Izella v Konigsdorf. He has produced many nice pups. Drago is the father of Zella & Ben. Hips are OFA good.  Drago's Pedigree: www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/433572.html


Gismo von Barren Berg  has been retired. She is 95+% East, OFA good. Gismo is out of Orry v Grafental & Dennie v Barren Berg. Gismo is healthy and happy.  Gismo's pedigree: www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/512461.html


Sonnie vom Birken Wald  has been retired with friends in Hilton Head, SC. She is 100% East, OFA good. Sonnie is in good health and very happy.  Sonnie is out of Enno v Konigsdorf & Zanti v Parchimer Land. She has produced many outstanding son's and daughter's. Sonnie's pedigree: www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/512460.html


Modoc von Barren Berg has been retired. Mo has been an excellent producer and has given us many nice progeny including Bonzo, Jackie & Jack,jr..


In Loving Memory
Gus Von Barren Berg

We are sorry to say Gus is no longer with us due to an unforeseen accident. Consider your self lucky to have one of his offspring! Gus was out of Zella & Bonzo.


In Loving Memory

Sgt. Sandy Picard with Bunker, a Bonnie son. Bunker  worked  as a P&R dog for Lawrence, Ma.. Sandy & Bunker spent time at Ground Zero after 911 doing voluntary therepy work. Bunker will be greatly missed!


In Loving Memory
vom Goldfischteich
is a 100% East (DDR) import. He has his AD and has had lots of work toward his SchH1. He has excellent drive and temperament. He has strong bone structure with large head & neck. He is a great family/farm dog. Jack is out of Frei v Kornersee & Peggy v Goldfischteich. His hips are "A" normal. He is owned by Linda & Cathy.


In Loving Memory
Elsa von Barren Berg
is the daughter of

Bonnie vonder Seeraubertal & Ilk V Tiekerhook
Elsa has produced some nice pups including
Tula von Barren Berg!


In Loving Memory

Dennie Von Barren Berg has been retired. She has produced some great pups over the years. She is the daughter of the late Klockow's Lex & Bonnie vonder Seeraubertal CD. She is also the mother of Zella, Ben & Gismo. Dennie has passed away (10/07) and will be greatly missed but always remembered.


In Loving Memory
Bonnie vonder Seeraubertal
(on right) with her daughter, Colorado von Barren Berg
Bonnie has produced many wonderful sons & daughters. She will be greatly missed but always remembered. Bonnie is the founder of our breed program.


In Loving Memory

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Winandy family of Maple, WI. for the loss of Honor. An unforseen accident took Honor's life this year (2007). Honor was a nice black & tan female out of Resi & Gus.(pictured at 2 yrs.old).  

Live Simply,

Love Generously,

Care Deeply,

Speak Kindly.....

Leave The Rest To GOD.

Retired Dogs