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Congratulations to Chevelle (left) & Onyx (Resi/Bonzo)! They both passed the TDI  (Therapy Dogs International) test on 11/11/07  at Gemini Dogs in Littleton, Ma.   They both also have their CGC's. Chevelle is owned by Cathy, Onyx (aka Panzer) is owned by Janet Lundstedt.


Congratulations to Korrie (Zella/Bonzo) & Jeanne! Korrie passed the TDI (Therapy Dog International) test on 11/11/07 at Gemini Dogs in Littleton, Ma.


Congratulations to Ray for training Abby (Gismo/Gunther) to be a Bird Dog!! Abby is pictured retrieving a Grouse at a hunting camp on MooseHead Lake in Me. She hunts with Labs and other hunting breeds. She flushes & retrieves! Who said German Shepherds can't be trained to be a hunting dog!? Anything is possible with this breed!


Congratulations to Koda! Koda passed the CGC test on Oct.6th, 2007  at the GSRNE Walk'n Wag event.  Koda is owned by Annemarie & Ron of Mansfield, Ma. (Koda is out of Zella & Axel)


Congratulations to Brady! Brady passed the CGC test on Oct. 6th, 2007.  Brady is owned by Dawn Costa of  N. Easton, Ma.  (Brady is out of Zella & Axel)


The Amazing Cheyanne!

Cheyanne is a female out of Jada & Treu who is now 3 years old, owned by Jon Williams of Elgin, Ill. For the past year and a half, she has been detecting seizures before the seizures occur and has been 100% accurate. Cheyanne's original purpose was to be trained for search & rescue, but since being able to detect Jon's son's seizures, that training has been put on hold. She is literally a life saver and was never trained to detect seizures! This dog is truley amazing and we are proud of her special gift.


Congratulations to Tank! He passed the CGC test on June 30, 2008 at the Charles River Dog Training Club in Waltham, Ma.. Tank is out of Resi & Gus and is owned by Jill Arkin.


Congratulations to Alexis, right (Zella/Axel)  & Lexi, left (Bonnie/Brewzer)!

Both dogs and their owners attended a herding instinct clinic on June 21 & 22, 2008 in Spencer, MA..  2 tests were given, 1 by the GSD Club of Central Ma. and 1 by the GSD Club of Northern NH.. They passed both tests!

Congratulations to all of our customers who have earned a certificate or title on their dogs! Keep up the good work!

If your dog has earned something, please let us know so we can put it on our Brags page, be proud of any accomplishment!


Congratulations to Bullet! Bullet recieved his CGC certificate in October, 2007. Bullet is out of Zella & Axel. He is owned by the Selvitelli family of Topsfield, Ma.


Congratulations to Bullet!  Bullet  passed the Therapy Dogs International test on July 29th, 2007  at the Finlayson Pet Care Center in Concord, NH.  He too is now a certified therapy dog! (Bullet also earned his CGC)  Bullet is owned by Rick Atwater of Hamilton, Ma.


Congratulations to Annika & Roberta! Annika earned her BH title at the Essex County Schutzhund Club's Fall Trial in Middleton, Ma. on november 10, 2007. Annika is out of Resi & Bonzo and is pictured at 2 years old.


Congratulations to Jeanne, Korrie & Kharma for finishing the Walk for MS and raising more than $1000.00 for the cause! Good work! Read more about it here  www.barktalk.com/Newsletter050108.html


Congratulations to Theo (left, Bullet son) and Kasch (Zella/Axel)! They passed the Therapy Dogs International (TDI) test on sunday, July 29th, 2007  at the Finlayson Pet Care Center in Concord, NH. They are now certified therapy dogs! Theo is owned by Paula Silva of Salisbury, Ma. (Theo also earned his CGC) and Kasch is owned by Cathy Seale of Rowley, Ma.

Kenzo von BarenBerg
Bonnie x Remington son