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Miles River Kennel, Founder of Von BarrenBerg East German Shepherds , Massachusetts


Djin is a nice male out of Sonnie & Gunther.
He resides in Hollywood, California with his owner Gabi.

Customers, we would love for you to send photo's of your von Barrren Berg German Shepherds!
Send the photo along with name of dog,age and the parents of the dog to Cathy's e-mail.


Lia (left, 3 yrs.old) is a nice sable female out of
Becci & Gus. Rocco (right, 20 mo.old) is a nice male out of Jada & Axel. They are owned by the Parianos family of Essex,Ma.


Elssa is a  9 year old Gunther daughter pictured with her pal Molly. Elssa is owned by the McNulty family of Newton, NH.


Wolfgang is a nice large sable male out of Becci v Wilknitzhof & Gus v Barren Berg. (pictured at 10 mos.old) He is owned by Steven Fields of Woburn,Ma.


Kozmo von Barren Berg CGC, (right) with pal Bella. Kozmo is a nice male out of Zella & Axel. He is pictured at 17 mo.old and is owned by the Pastore/Brown family of Peabody, Ma.


Romel is a nice sable male out of Jada & Axel (pictured at 6 mos. old). He is owned by Lt. Darcie Britner of  Rowley, Ma.


Scout is a nice sable male out of Jada & Treu. (pictured at 19 mos.old) Scout is under going training for future search & rescue. He is owned by the Winandy family of Maple, WI.


Mesa is nice sable female out of Jada & Axel. (pictured at 18 mos.old) She is owned by Chris & Barbara Fokos of Franklin, Ma.


Kane is a nice large solid black male out of Zella & Axel.  He is owned by the Murphy family of Danville, NH. (pictured at 20 mos.old)


Rouge von Barren Berg is a nice male out of Sonnie & Gunther. Pictured at 2 yrs.old.
He is owned by the Dushame family
of Methuen, Ma.


Leona is a nice female out of Jada & Axel. (pictured at 6 mo.old) She is owned by the Webb family of Salem, Ma. 


Koda von Barren Berg CGC,  is a nice solid black male out of Zella & Axel.  (pictured at 2 yrs.old) 

Progeny Pictures 3

Wisdom DDR
Linda's DDR driving pony !!!!