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Sadie is a nice female out of Jada & Treu. She is owned by the Gomes family of Danvers, Ma. (Pictured at 2 yrs.old)


Bullet von Barren Berg CGC is a nice male out of Zella & Axel. He is owned by the Selvitelli family of Topsfield, Ma. (pictured at 1yrs.old)


Zenzie is a nice female (3 yrs.old in picture) out of  Zella & Bonzo.  She is owned by Dave Matz  of  Sullivan, ME.


Shyla is a nice sable female out of Libby & Bonzo. She is owned by the Gikas family of Salem, Ma.
(pictured at 7 mo.old)


3 Von Barren Berg Boys pictured with their owners, Alex & Patricia Doce of the Topsfield, Ma. area.


Zuul is a nice male out of Jada & Axel (pictured at 10 mos.). He is owned by the Taylor family of Amesbury, Ma..


Tessa von Barren Berg (pictured at 2 yrs.old), is a nice female out of Jada & Rieko. She is owned by the Dauwer/Reardon family of Brockton, Ma.


Isabella is a nice sable female out of Zella & Bullet. She is pictured at 2 yrs.old, and is owned by the Salvatore/Standring family of Amesbury, Ma.


Brandy (pictured at 3 1/2 yrs.) is a nice solid black female out of Zella & Bonzo. She is owned by the Barnard's of Ellsworth, ME.


Ava is a nice sable female out of Jada & Axel.  She is owned by the Fuller's of Mansfield, Ma..


Daisy is a nice solid black female out of Dennie & Drago. She is owned by the Marcucella family. Daisy is pictured at 7 yrs. old and is Zella's sister.


Hilda is a nice sable female out of Shyla & Gunther.  

Progeny Pictures 5